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Alliance’s Select Hotel Partner ™ Program is reserved for properties committed to the further development of their business and the increase of sustainable sales revenues.

The SHP program is founded on two principals.

(1) Developing sustainable business independents for our client partners. 

The development of sustainable business independence is built on the premise that a hotel should evolve its business with both the prioritizing and building of direct and repeat business, and the intelligent use of distribution channels.  As balanced business independence is achieved a client is in more control of their long term success.

(2) Tying our fees to performance.

Alliance Select Hotel Partner program is a performance fee relationship, whereas Alliance will earn its fee by growing revenue beyond past revenue baselines.

Applicant properties to the Select Hotel Partner program normally have one or more of the following business challenges or goals.

  1. The understanding of the need in having an experienced team supporting critical areas of marketing, web and online presence, distribution and operations.
  2. Wanting to make the transition into a modern business model utilizing the modern tools, systems, competitive online presence along with marketing strategies that are critical to compete in today’s hotel business.
  3. Have lost their competitive position within their market
  4. Buying an underperforming property
  5. Rebranding of an existing property
  6. Finding it difficult to be competitive due to
  • Property size
  • The inability to source and hire skilled employees to manage web presence, distribution & marketing
  • Affordability to hire the additional employees to manage web presence, distribution & marketing
  • Ooverwhelmed by the changes within the hotel and travel industry and the various options in tools and services that are now necessary to remain competitive

As a performance based business relationship, Alliance participates in providing expertise, labor and services for the purpose of of delivering increased sales & revenue.  Alliance’s compensation is tied to a performance fee structure.  Due to these factors, Alliance accepts new Select Hotel Partner properties based on a selection process. Part of the selection process is weighted on the individual properties commitment to their overall business development as well as the increasing of revenues.

About Hospitality Solutions & Resort Management, and their Alliance Hospitality Solutions operating platform

In addition to providing property management, booking software and online distribution services, Alliance provides expertise and the management of comprehensive hotel marketing programs, online distribution and web presence services to hotels in the USA, Latin America and The Caribbean.