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Distribution is about getting your hotel’s unique information out to every market where your clients are searching for accommodations in your specific travel location.

No longer are the major distribution systems and tools only available to the major national brands, Alliance BookingCenter has been empowering thousands of hotels worldwide by providing industry leading distribution tools and systems.  Our goal has always been to make the hospitality business an equal playing field for the independent hotels seeking cutting edge marketing advantages.

Alliance provides complete and easy to use distribution products and the tools to manage these products for the best results. 

Alliance Distribution brings together GDS –Global Distribution System- and our Global Booking Network that delivers unparallel visibility to your property across all major and regional online travel sites and travel agents. Alliance’s Central Reservation System & Channel Manager, ensures complete management of your hotels unique information and bookings from our GDS Administration System and Global Booking Network.

On request, Alliance’s team of distribution specialists work with client hotels in building and managing a comprehensive distribution marketing and channel management program. This can be a short term implantation period, or part of an ongoing marketing management plan.

GDS ( Global Distribution System)

Going global with your marketing just got a lot easier!

Harness today’s technology with Alliances’ Global Distribution System (GDS) integration and management for your hotel that will ensure global exposure of your property to over a 650,000 strong world-wide network of travel agents and online distribution channels.

Originally designed for the airline travel industry, The GDS network is now used by travel agents and the online travel websites to provide travelers hotels rooms and packages. Today, GDS channels (Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan) plus Pegasus, brings worldwide visibility of your hotel to 650,000 travel agents and online travel partners such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, regional travel sites, and many more. For a sample of some of our Global Network Partner (see more) 

Alliances’ GDS services include full administration of the GDS network system, management of your hotel’s information and the administration of all reservations made through the GDS/Global Network Partners.

  1. The issuing/administration of your individual property GDS codes that include Sabre, Amadeus, Galileo, World Span plus Pegasus.
  2. The management of your properties unique details on our Central Reservation System –CRS- including, rates & inventory, unique digital description and photos of your property. Our Central Reservation System then distributes your properties unique details to our complete Global Booking Network Partners (over 25,000)
  3. The administration of all bookings transactions that are initiated from GDS/Global Booking platform.

Our channel manager allows you to have full control of pricing and allocations to the different Network Partners through our simple to use management tool.

Central Reservation System

Get more connections and enjoy more control!

Accept bookings at your web site, the Global Booking Network, and the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from one easy system. You do not need to use a Property Management System to sell globally.

When you connect to the Global Booking Network, Alliance 'syncs' your current rate and inventory and downloads any bookings that were added, cancelled, or modified over the Network. This powerful Central Reservation Service (CRS) keeps a "single image inventory" for your property. Every customer who signs up for the Global Booking Network can access the "Member's Area", from here, you can make or cancel bookings, run arrival/ departure/ reservation reports, communicate with guests, and manage your online marketing programs. 

With our Global Booking Network and CRS, you not only get more connections to the customers you want to reach; you have complete control of what they see. You can allocate specific rooms to distribution partners, provide unique rates to whichever OTA you wish, and reserve others for your walk-ins, your web site or your partner agents. Allocate rooms to suit your needs, your goals, and whatever seasonal aspects you want to leverage. You can strategically price your rooms with real–time yielded rates at any level you like. Learn more about Alliances’ powerful allocation and pricing features for users of our Global Booking Network.

Global Booking Network

With 91% of travelers using online searching tools and travel websites to find accommodations- How does a property get placed on all the right channels that their customers are using? How does an owner choose between the many online travel sites? How does a property owner manage this process?

Smart owners are choosing Alliances’ Global Booking Network and getting their property on every GDS and travel site needed to succeed in today’s online marketplace.

Our Network Partners include all GDS provides Sabre, Galileo, WorldSpan, Amadeus, plus Pegasus and all major online travel agents such as Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline Orbitz (see more)    

With Alliance’s Global Booking Network and Channel Manger, the task of having your property available on your clients preferred travel site just got easier! Our Central Reservation System holds a “single image of your rate & inventory and unique details about your property’ and syncs your current information with our Global Booking Network partners. 

Every customer who signs up for the Global Booking Network can access the "Member's Area". From here, you can make or cancel bookings, run arrival/ departure/ reservation reports, communicate with guests, and manage your online marketing programs.

Booking Engine

Your website is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy and our Booking Engine plays a key role in converting your web traffic into revenue.

Your Website’s direct bookings provide you the highest ROI; Alliance’s Booking Engine provides endless sales opportunities on your website or Social Media presence- any time of day or night. 

The Alliance Booking Engine is intelligently integrated into the Alliance CRS platform so that your properties rates and availability can be distributed as a single image of inventory & rates, or managed totally separate from all your other distribution channels, giving you complete control that allows for the selling of your very last room.

A consumer friendly booking process, that has been refined over years of service with 1000’s of hotels worldwide, will ensure clean conversions of “looks to books”

Why Choose an Alliance Booking Engine?

  • Start taking online website booking 
  • Receive booking 24/7
  • Increase your ROI
  • Quick Implementation  
  • Guest friendly booking process
  • CRM (Client Relationship Management): Keep track of valuable guest information from online reservations
  • PMS integration of online bookings: 2- way integration with Alliance’s PMS Solutions and other PMS systems