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Alliances online marketing is built around key pillars that are essential in today’s internet marketplace. Our marketing approach combines hospitality specific websites with proven marketing strategies that take into consideration changing consumer behavior trends that produce quality consumer traffic, and the use of technical tools that convert generated traffic into bookings.

Supported by our full distribution services that include GDS and our Global Booking Network, your property will have a fully integrated marketing solution utilizing the most effective hotel marketing strategies. 

As your marketing partner our primary focus is to understand your marketing goals and work within your budget to design and execute an effective marketing strategy for your property. 

Whether you are a B&B, Boutique Hotel, or a full service Hotel & Resort, Alliance has the marketing package to fit your goal and budget.

Marketing products by Alliance

  • Organic Visibility & Promotion
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Local Visibility & Promotion
  • Email Marketing

Organic Visibility & Promotion 

Hotel Specific Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Alliances’ SEO service is a layer of key elements and strategies that together, deliver our clients the visibility needed to compete in their target markets.

Organic Keyword Content: is a process of Research - Identify – Strategy.
Our SEO specialists will research the key word phrases that are the most effective traffic generators in your target markets.  We then build a key word strategy based on this research to place your website in front of your customer during their search process. 

Search Engine Submission
Once the website is optimized our specialists enroll your website into the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.
Alliances focus is to leverage different market opportunities that are provided by each specific search channel.

Content Optimization
Websites content is an important element of a Hotels web presence. Our copy write specialists in hospitality will develop rich content for each section of your website. Rich and effective content plays a key role in the organic search results of a properties website and the important conversion of ‘Looks to Books’

Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Pay Per Click marketing is the paid search engine promotion of your property on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These are the Ad’s that show as ‘Sponsored Links’ on the top and side of search results pages when consumers conduct searches using keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business.

With over 60% of hotel transactions originating from searches, Pay Per Click is an effective supplement to your organic search engine optimization strategy.

Alliance uses an extensive PPC process to build targeted and effective Pay Per Click campaigns for our clients.

Research & Analysis   

 This is a critical first step- our specialist will research and identify  

  • Your marketing goals and objectives
  • Key target markets, location and seasonality factors of your property.
  • Custom Key Words research to identify key words and keyword phrases based on consumer trends and budget

Ad creation 

  • Ad copy is written and optimized

Implementation & management 

  • Our specialist will set up and manage campaigns in Google Adwords, Yahoo! and Bing

Multi Language 

  • Depending on property location and target market, we will design and manage PPC campaigns in both English and Spanish 

Ongoing Campaign Management

  • An account manager is assigned to all PPC client accounts to manage the life of all campaigns initiated, make adjustments to bids, keywords and target to ensure the highest click through rate and ROI. 

Email Marketing

A priority goal of most hotels is an efficient Client Relationship Management (CRM) program, and the leveraging of their data base with an effective Email Marketing strategy. 

Email Marketing is a top CRM and marketing tool for any hotel, looking to build brand awareness and repeat business.

Email marketing allows you to reach out to previous guest, and even those that previously booked though commissionable 3rd party channels, and turn them in to a loyal repeat customer that books directly with your property.

Alliance will develop and execute your Email Marketing campaigns based on your specific objective and budget.

Our Email Marketing process includes the following depending on the properties email collection resources 

  • Opt-in email data base management
  • Email Ad graphic design 
  • Campaign delivery
  • Result tracking

Social Media Marketing

Social Media continues to evolve as a platform for client engagement and effective advertising. A hotels Social Media presence should reinforce their website branding, message, and experience.

Why use Social Media?

  • Critical tool for client interaction 
  • Impacts organic search rankings
  • Direct traffic to your website and booking engine
  • Monitor your brands reputation and 
  • Engage your client at a local level with specials and promotions

Alliance’s Social Media managers ensure that your hotel’s social media platforms are professional designed, managed and effectively engaging your customer base allowing you to fully harness the potential of Social media.

Local Visibility & Promotion

Today, local search is playing an increasingly important role in a hotels visibility and why a hotel property needs to promote itself online at the local level.

Alliance will set up your hotel’s Google Place account and optimize the following areas among others

  • Site URL 
  • Hotel Details
  • Boost Ads
  • Reviews
  • Events